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Chartered Surveyors


Regulated by RICS

RICS Commercial Surveys


RICS Commercial Building Surveys...


Our Commercial Building Surveys provide an assessment of the construction and condition of a building prior to completing a purchase, at the outset or during the term of a leasehold. These reports are compiled in accordance with RICS Guidance Notes. 


Condition Surveys;

Provide a record of the current condition of a building supported by photographs, sketches, measurements and drawings where appropriate. Condition surveys are recommended, for example, prior to entry into leasehold properties for both Landlords and Tenants or prior to the onset of construction or engineering works in close proximity to your property.


Stock Condition Surveys;

We assess the condition of an organisation’s property portfolio in order to assemble a repair and maintenance programme.


Building Maintenance Planners;

Building maintenance planners enable you to maintain a property asset at peak performance, retain asset value, image and compliance with health & safety legislation. Our reports include budget planning with strategic timings of building works to maximise expenditure and minimise inconvenience. They are suitable for tenants when entering leasehold premises to efficiently meet repairing covenants or for owners to retain their property assets in peak condition.


Reinstatement Cost Assessments for Insurance;

An assessment of the anticipated cost to re-construct a building in the event of damage by an insured risk. Suitable for homes, business premises, farms and property portfolios.



The preparation and negotiation of interim and terminal schedules of dilapidation on behalf of Landlords and Tenants.


Project / Development quality monitoring;

We provide a funders representative service to monitor your project's progress from inception to completion. We ensure aspects such as statutory compliances are met; provide advice upon the development team, design, costings, programmes and construction quality.


Statutory Compliance;

Inclusive of Fire Risk Assessments and Disability Discrimination surveys. These reports provide a complete overview of buildings statutory compliance and identification of shortcomings.


If you have any queries or require further information regarding our Commercial Building Surveying services please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact tab or telephone on: 07732 332308.


     For a free quotation please call 07732 332308 or leave a message on our Contact tab.

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